Vampire movies have been around for years and have been able to attract a wide audience that appreciate and enjoy horror stories. For some people, such movies may be seen as too scary, too graphic and sometimes even too weird but for us, we go beyond what the eyes see as we go into the story line, the meaning behind the story, the characters and their lives and much more. This allows us to appreciate the creativity and the art that goes behind these productions.

Dracula 3D is therefore the platform of choice that brings together the community of fanatics of vampire movies as we come together and share our experiences, critic movies, as well as enjoy the lifestyle that comes with our passion for these beautiful productions. We are out of the box thinkers and we believe in the power of art, the power of creativity and putting these together to explain the unknown and so far unexplained phenomenon of life such as vampires.

We welcome you to take this journey with us into the world of horror stories.      

Peter Johnson – Founder, Dracula 3D