Move over Count Dracula, It’s Time for Count Yorga to Take the Limelight

Everyone knows Count Dracula. Even if you’re not a vampire movie fanatic, you would have heard the name probably as a threat from your mother when you were young to go to bed early, or else Count Dracula will come to your room.

Vampire lovers know Count Dracula very well just how they know the back of their hands. Who could blame them? The man is not only the king of vampires, but he’s also featured in practically almost every vampire movie you can get your hands on. There’s Dracula, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Bram Stoker’s Dracula to name a few. There’s no doubt Count Dracula is a great vampire, but did you know that there may be a better vampire? And guess what? He’s a Count too!

Count Dracula’s counterpart is no other than Count Yorga. Have not heard the name? Count Yorga, Vampire is a super low budget vampire movie from 1970 about a vampire by the name of, you guessed it, Count Yorga. He may have a lot of similarities when it comes to appearance and actions with Count Dracula, but he’s very obviously not Count Dracula.

If you’re not convinced that Count Yorga is better than the most well-known Count Dracula, here are some of the reasons that could switch you to the other side of the wagon.

  1. It Hits Right Off the Bat That Count Yorga Is A Vampire

There’s no vampire movie that is as black and white as who’s the vampire as this film. Just from the title itself, you would instantly know right off the bat that the vampire in this movie is no other than Count Yorga. There’s no pretense or disguise in this film; you won’t have to go through unnecessary investigation and wrongly conclusion as to who is the vampire and who’s not.

  1. His Fashion Sense is Always on Flick

All vampires are known to be good dressers. Who would not look good in an all-black ensemble with a flashy cape? Even Dracula could probably grace the cover of Vogue magazine. All vampires, including Count Dracula, may be flashy dressers but no one can top Count Yorga. With his killer sideburns, shiny black cape and wide lapels, he can certainly take the cover and center page of all fashion magazines.

  1. The Score is Music to the Ear

We all know that the ’70s are filled with some amazing music. Some of the greatest hits that are still popular until today came from this era, and some of the greatest artist too! There’s Billy Joel, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin and of course, the Count Yorga, Vampire soundtrack. The scoring in this movie did a good job in not just setting the eerie mood but also in elevating the movie’s scary scenes to another level.

  1. The Opening Narrator Did a Great Job

The voiceover that did the narration at the opening part of the film instantly draws moviegoers into a hypnotic abyss. While other vampire movies bore you with yawn-inducing narration, it’s completely a different story in this film. The great classic actor George Macready absolutely did an epic opening narration. Watchers can’t simply resist absorbing everything he’s saying.

  1. It Opened The Door for Slasher Movies

Slasher films are the sub-genre of horror films which involve a violent psychopath stalking and murdering a group of people, usually by use of bladed tools. Some of the most notable films in this genre are The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Scream, Friday the 13th and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Though it became popular in the ’80s, Count Yorga, Vampire may have been the first slasher movie. You get a lot of Friday the 13th’s formula of “young people have sex, subsequently get brutally attacked by a stalker in the woods” in this film.

  1. It Gives a No-Nonsense Medical Advice

Sure, this may not be Grey’s Anatomy but the movie features a superb medical advice. Let’s pay attention to how the doctor in this movie gave his two-cents to a character that has been drained of a significant amount of blood by Yorga: “When you get home, I want you to stuff yourself with steaks. Steaks! I want you to eat them as rare as possible. That goes for the next few days.” And if this is not badass enough, he said this dialogue while smoking a cigarette in his patient’s face. How cool is that?

  1. It’s Intended To Be A Soft Core Porno

Yep, you read that right. The movie was originally intended to be a soft core porno with its title The Loves of Count Iorga, Vampire. The lead star Robert Quarry said he would only take the role if it’s turned into a legitimate movie. And the rest became history. The film may have not turned out to be soft porn but some of the original scripts, such as where Count Yorga very creepily watches two of his buxom vampiresses embrace, were kept.

  1. Yorga Has So Many Fangs

Most vampires, including Count Dracula, have two fangs only. Whilst these are enough to drain their victim’s blood, Count Yorga won’t do with just two fangs. He has a mouth full of sharp teeth. Why make do with two when you can totally rock a mouth full of sharp fangs? Nothing is as terrifying as a vampire with a mouthful of sharp fangs.

  1. The Film is Packed With Vampire-Believers

While many of the vampire films feature skeptical individuals who would rather believe that a dead man with a bite in his neck is killed by a wild animal lurking in the forest, this film is packed with people who are very easy to accept that vampires are real. At the beginning of the film, people are already convinced that vampires really do exist even without strong evidence. It’s great refreshment rather than wasting your time watching these people doubt that there are indeed vampires in this world.

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The Top 3 Vampire Movies of All Time

There are hundreds of vampire movies that have been produced over the years and the debate will still continue as to which of them the best was and should be on the list of all-time greats. We however have chosen to take a different perspective to this and will list down what we feel are our top 3 vampire movies of all time.

No 1. Nosferatu produced in 1922

If you began your appreciation for horror movies early on then then you have definitely watched Nosferatu which was a silent film produced way back in 1922 and one of the very first movies to depict vampires. The most notable part about this movie was that the use of the vampire was symbolic and only a few people got it at the end. We deliberately chose not to issue any spoilers. Go watch the movie.

No 2. Dracula produced in 1931

Whereas there have been many variations of Dracula, the original 1931 production which by the way was a black and white film still stands out for those who appreciate quality filmmaking. The vampire depicted in this movie though supernatural was not too much of an exaggeration if you understand what we mean but was a very believable creature.    

No. 3 Near Dark produced in 1987

The Near Dark film sought to create a whole new identity for vampires and gave rise to the notion that vampires could exist among humans doing ordinary human things. It’s from this movie’s idea of the vampire that many other ideas were born that inspire other vampire movies.

We consider this our top three pick of all time vampire movies because they were produced at a time when fancy graphics and fancy make up had not been discovered but the movies still went on to attract huge audiences.


Special Effects Used to Make Vampire Movies Scary

Whereas the debate is still on as to whether vampires actually exist or existed at some point in time, many props should be directed to costume designers, makeup artists and graphic designers on movie sets for the amazing work they do of bringing vampires to life. They surely keep us on the edges of our seats by taking these horror movies to a whole different level.   

We are going to look at some of these special effects that help make vampire movies super scary.

The use of lighting

In a movie set, lighting usually makes a whole lot of difference as it helps set the tone of the movie. Just as with color psychology, the different lighting will bring out different emotions from the viewer and it’s this that the production team will focus on to bring out the desired effect during a specific movie scene. The lighting effects can be darkness or light as well as different color lights to set the tone.

The use of sound

A movie would not be a movie without the right sound effects. From the squeaking of wooden panels, to the sound of wind blowing by, to the screams and the sound of teeth sinking into someone’s neck, all these are what enable the movie audience to get a full experience of the movie. Not to mention the soundtracks that help build tension and create anticipation.   

The use of makeup

Thanks to makeup artistes, vampires come to life in the movies. It’s this amazing group of people that enable us to get an image of what scary vampires would look like, experience how they would feed on their victims and much more. Without makeup artistes, we would not really have much of a functional impression of what vampires actually look like.

When these three special effects are brought together very well, we end up with a production that will leave a lasting impression in our memories. Hence, this is why we love vampire movies.