Worst Portrayals of Dracula in a Movie

Most of us consider Dracula as the most popular monster in horror movies. His character was portrayed by so many actors and has been presented in different angles. Dracula should be as charismatic and evil and scary as he was in the original novel of Bram Stoker, yet there are some adaptations that simply did not portray the prince of darkness too well.

Below are some of the movies that portrayed Dracula very wrong.

  1. Dracula Vs. Frankenstein

This movie did not only fail the expectation of moviegoers to see Dracula and Frankenstein fighting, but the entire plot does not seem logical as well.

The film shortly fell apart before it was even completed; it started as a generic horror movie that did not star Dracula or Frankenstein. The director then decided to add Frankenstein to the footage and when this did not work out well, he decided to add Dracula as well. Robert Engel, a former stock broker, was cast as Dracula supposedly because the director thought Engel’s look was perfect as the king of vampires. What’s sad though is that Engel looked more like Mr. Kotter from late-’70s sitcom Welcome Back Kotter than Dracula.

For reasons unknown, Dracula wanted to bring Frankenstein back to life. When the monster awakens, he did not live up to the expectation of Dracula and started attacking everyone. Dracula was left with no option but to kill him and without paying attention to the time and the sun rising up, he died as well while trying to take down his creation. The film portrayed the most powerful vampire as a dumb and compulsive creature which is far from what he should be.

  1. Blade Trinity

Director David Goyer decided to add Dracula in the third and final movie in the Blade trilogy to rival other vampires. Dracula should be the ultimate evil that tramples the rest of his species, but instead the movie depicted the king of vampire as a slice of beefcake with a penchant for improbably collared shirts and Goth eye shadow. The fact that he calls himself as “Drake” is cringe-worthy enough, plus he possesses nothing of Dracula’s evil, cunning or charismatic side. He was more like a pimply Goth teen rather than the most feared vampire in generations.

  1. Dracula’s Dog

It’s a huge disappointment that Dracula does not show himself much in this movie; his only purpose and exposure in Dracula’s Dog is to bite a dog and turn it into a vampire. What could be the reason why Dracula go this low in his victim? This dog prevented Dracula in a bat form from drinking a peasant woman. Because he was not able to turn the peasant woman, he was so enraged that he turned the dog instead. Seriously, no pet of any kind should be able to outmaneuver the king of vampires. The fact that a dog did so in this movie makes Dracula’s Dog a lame Dracula movie.

  1. Dracula 2000

Dracula 2000 is not really the worst movie in this list. First, it’s quite interesting that this film presented a different twist in Dracula. The idea that he’s actually Judas Iscariot that was punished by God with awesome vampire powers after his betrayal with Jesus is pretty unique. It should have been a great vampire movie, but not so as an adaptation of Dracula. What’s even crazier is Gerard Butler’s Dracula’s ability to have sex so hard he and his paramour float until they hit the ceiling.

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  1. Dracula: Prince of Darkness

Christopher Lee may have been famous for his performances as Dracula in Hammer horror movies but his lack of dialogue especially in the second movie in the series does not bring justice to the king of vampires. In fact, he did not have any lines at all. He just hissed on this movie. Portraying Dracula as a being of horror and supreme evil is nearly impossible when he sounded nothing but an alley cat. According to rumors, Lee’s refusal to say his dialogue was because the lines were so dumb but the screenwriter said he didn’t write any.

  1. Van Helsing

In all fairness, Stephen Sommers’ big-budget monster action movie presented Dracula as a pretty evil creature. But the film was generally weird and overcomplicated as well as less interesting. Instead of being the ultimate evil, Dracula was more interested in being a father, even though his bat-babies need Frankenstein or werewolf to be born. And if this is not weird enough, the fact that he and Van Helsing are brothers chosen by Satan and God just adds another crazy to the already crazy plot.

  1. Dario Argento’s Dracula

It’s mind-boggling that the master of Italian horror movies such as Phenomena and Suspiria made such an impressive and bad adaptation of Dracula. It’s not enough that the movie in general is not scary at all, what’s even more disappointing is that Thomas Kretschmann’s titular vampire failed to be portrayed as an evil creature. If you think Dracula becoming a giant praying mantis monster at some point is ridiculous enough, wait until you see the dumbest thing Dracula did in this movie – paying for the school in his little town. Never in your wildest dream have you thought that Dracula would be famous for his championing of education and charitable nature.

  1. Vampirella

This movie is so unforgiving in so many ways. First, the plot where Dracula is an alien from a vampire planet named Drakulon who came to Earth after killing some kind of vampire council is already way out of line from the original concept of Dracula. Second, Dracula was played by unknown Roger Daltrey as a poor man’s Lestat, subsuming the original character for Anne Rice’s more popular vampire. Third, Dracula’s stage name “Jaimie Blood” was so lame. And of course, it’s unforgivable that Dracula was donning a ponytail in Jaimie Blood’s “performance.”

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8 Greatest Dracula Portrayal of All Time

One of the most original and famous vampire in the history of TV, books and films is Dracula. For centuries, he’s one of the iconic characters that have brought us sleepless nights and hair-rising moments.

There’s a certain charm in Dracula that makes him still existing even on the present days. There has been several adaptation of him – some portrayals were great while there are some that are clearly outstanding. As the years go by, we have been bestowed by many films that showcased Dracula, making each adaptation more interesting than the last.

Below is the list of films and portrayals that made Dracula a force of a character over the years.

  1. Dracula (1931) – Portrayed by Bela Lugosi

When you hear the word Dracula, the first iconic image that pops in everybody’s head is Lugosi. You are not a true-blue Dracula fan if you have not heard of the name Bela Lugosi.

Lugosi became popular in his adaptation of Dracula probably because this was the first official Dracula film ever made. Lugosi portrayed Dracula in a very mesmerizing and powerful way. With his amazing acting, he catapulted himself as one of the greatest Dracula portrayals of all time.

  1. Nosferatu (1922) – Portrayed by Max Schreck

This movie was beyond scary during its time. This Dracula adaptation film was based on the book and people were enthralled of this adaptation and the major differences it has from the book.

Though the film stick to the plot and key characters of the book, the portrayal of Max Schreck presented a different side of Dracula. He was portrayed as more demonic rather than humanistic. Overall, this particular film immediately became a classic for being truly scary in the 1920s, and yet, even modern day audience would find it still creepy. Just looking at him as Count Orlok will give you chills.

  1. Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) – Portrayed by Klaus Kinski

Werner Herzog was successful in creating not just the most disturbing but also the scariest Dracula film of all time. Under his direction, Nosferatu made a strong impact in this film than it did to the novel.

Aside from excellent director, Klaus Kinski was perfect in this role. His portrayal of Dracula was more realistic than anything we have seen from any Dracula movies before. The novel may have been popular for its seductiveness but this film strayed from this theme. Kinski delivered an intense and great performacne where he showed a pathetic and sad angle of Dracula.

  1. Horror of Dracula (1958) – Portrayed by Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee gives the most seductive portrayal of Dracula. There’s no question how huge was the role of Lee in the success of this adaptation. Aside from his outstanding performance though, there were so many other qualities in the movie that made this version one of the greatest adaptions.

Though the movie lost a lot of disturbing elements because there was little to no gore in it, but the overall film was surprisingly scary enough thanks to the portrayal of talented actors and the use of eerie atmosphere. Christopher Lee turned into a massive star due to his impressive performance.

  1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) – Portrayed by Gary Oldman

Also adapted from the book, the portrayal of Dracula in this film was exceptionally good. Gary Oldman embodied a perfect representation of Dracula. He was everything Dracula should be – unpredictable, an age switcher, sexually seductive, disturbing and most of all, scary.

Gary Oldman himself is already a force to reckon; he’s known to being an actor who can deliver every role that was given to him. Not only that, the film also included some stellar powerhouse such as Winona Ryder, Cary Elwes and Anthony Hopkins who delivered a stellar performance too.

The scenes in the move were realistically disturbing, with lots of gore and nudity in it. These two elements are what make a Dracula movie even terrifying.

  1. Drácula (1931) – Portrayed by Carlos Villarias

As disappointing as it may sound, only a few people saw this Italian version of Dracula as it was released in the same year as the American’s famous version. Many critics believe that this movie was way better than Bela Lugosi’s performance in the American version because not only was it more faithful to the novel, the portrayals are even better too.

The sets were identical in both version, but there’s a huge difference when it comes to the wardrobes. In this version, women wore more revealing clothing, making Dracula’s wives more sexually appealing. Carlos Villarias’s silly and humorous portrayal may have been criticized by many viewers but performances of other actors in the film, most especially Renfield, were praised as better than the American version.

Special effects and cinematography received positive reviews because the unorthodox approach suited the film really well. Critics who watched the Italian film felt that the adaptation of foreign Dracula was technically better compared to the American counterpart.

  1. Dracula (1979) – Portrayed by Frank Langella

Frank Langella was labelled as the most good looking and sexy Count Dracula of all time. Aside from his ridiculous good looks and charisma, his voice was also beautifully seductive which made his presence disturbing. Strangely though, women couldn’t resist being drawn and attracted to him instead of being scared. Langella portrayed exactly how Dracula should be and this adaption was generally entertaining.

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  1. Dracula (1973) – Portrayed by Jack Palance

This is one of the Dracula films that may have been forgotten by many viewers, but for those who still remember, this Dracula film was a pretty good adaptation.

Jack Palance may not looked as scary as what you expected to be, but he undoubtedly gave the best portrayal of Dracula. His silently disturbed attitude was perfect for the role. Other actors also played their parts fantastically. Jonathan Harker’s portrayal of Murray Brown was pretty outstanding. It may not be as faithful as what you hoped to be to the novel, but it’s a great adaptation nonetheless.

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Actors Who Played the Greatest Vampire Portrayal of All Times

When you think of a timeless and ultimate villain, the first thought that pops in your mind is vampires. Vampires have been the perfect villain in movies and stories for generations. This does not come as a surprise though. From their pale-white complexion and blood-shot eyes to their unending desire of blood, just the thought of these creatures lurking in the dark can bring you shivers. Their presence is simply undying as they are reinvented in every generation, from the folklore of Eastern Europe to the legends of the Silver Screen.

Movie screens have introduced us to a lot of vampires through time. Few of them have stood out from the crowd and created a strong and lasting impression. Below are some of the greatest vampire characters that we have known.

  1. Christopher Lee, Horror of Dracula (1958)

Lee’s imposing height of six-foot-five used to be a subject of ridicule. He was once told that his height is a hindrance to his success as an actor. Who would have thought that his terrific height would add a heightened element to his portrayal of a menacing vampire in the 1958 film Horror of Dracula?

He used his physical attributes to become the undisputed star of the popular Hammer horror films. There’s not much dialogue on his character, only some hissing and leering, but he made sure that his presence is strongly felt. He maximizes his huge built and body language to portray one of the best vampire characters of all time.

If you won’t be intimated by a 6’5″ vampire who’s menacing enough to destroy you, I don’t know what else would.

  1. Bela Lugosi, Dracula (1931)

Lugosi used to perform Dracula on Broadway and he impressed the viewers with his commanding and sexually charged performance. The theatergoers were undoubtedly stunned after watching the performance of this great actor. He became an instant star on Broadway, he was one of those actors who were admired and respected by his fans. Unfortunately, it’s a different story in Hollywood though. Hollywood was not impressed by Lugosi’s charm. The actor may have lobbied for the role too much, but he only got the part when Lon Chasey, Universal’s first choice, passed away. But when he uttered the three simple words, “I am… Dracula”, a legend was born and he became instantly famous.

Now almost everyone associates Lugosi with this iconic statement.

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  1. Count von Count, Sesame Street (1972)


Patterned after Bela Lugosi, Sesame Street introduced Count von Count in 1972. Since then, teaching toddlers how to count while staying interested has become a lot easier. Since then, every kid who watched the show has learned how to count, and even did so with that maniacal laugh. The Count has even highlighted a classic trait from vampire lore: their obsessive-compulsive relationship with numbers.

Now who would have thought that a scary, fanged villain could become instrumental in children’s ability to learn faster?  Thanks to Count von Count, your toddlers would no longer feel strongly against math and counting numbers.

  1. Jonathan Frid, Dark Shadows (1967)

Long before Johny Depp graced our screens as Barnabas Collins, the iconic character was played by Jonathan Frid in 1967’s Dark Shadows.

Though his character was only introduced after 210 episodes of Dark Shadows, Frid sure knows how to make a grand entrance and make up for the missed episodes. The world had a first glance of Collins in his black onyx signet ring as he reaches from his coffin to choke a robber who was planning to steal on his grave. Poor robber, you have chosen a wrong grave to loot.

He may have been an 18th century vampire who woke up in late 60’s but he sure does know how to rock an impression. He managed to show everybody in Maine how to don a Goth-mode double-breasted suit and a silver-handed wolf’s head cane properly. Talk about elegance and gait! Collins paved the way for sympathetic vampires in pop culture with his seductive mixture of bloodlust, kindness and danger.

Who could ever forget his iconic line, “I did not say she was dead, I said I killed her.”

  1. Nicholas Hormann, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979)

The idea of “space vampire” may not be appealing and some may even think of it as super corny, but something about this episode that made it really scary.

Vorvon was dressed as a classic Nosferatu getup by wardrobe department but this does not matter since he was invisible. Nicholas Hormann played Vorvon who masterfully stalked his next victim Wilma played by Erin Gray. Of course, Buck played by Gil Gerard came to the rescue and saved the day, but this was before Gray acted the sex pot and put the moves on him under the control of Vorvon.

  1. William Marshall, Blacula (1972)

Blaxploitation was a film movement in 1970s where films were made and starred by African-American actors. Blacula was a part of the first wave for this movement. This film could have been a standard picture for the genre, but the Shakespearean-trained Marshall elevated this movie. He played as Mamuwalde, an African prince who was tricked by Dracula before turning him into a vampire. He portrayed the character so well that it appealed to be both tragic and dignified.

  1. Gary Oldman, Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula (1992)


If there’s one actor that could disappear into any role and make it his own, it’s Gary Oldman. His portrayal of Coppola’s ode to Bram Stroker’s classic tale is no difference.

Oldman unwittingly presented all sides of the venerable Count – from aged royalty to tragic knight to unholy creature to London dandy. He presented the persona as either repulsive or sexy, or even both, and blended them into his own.

  1. Kiefer Sutherland, The Lost Boys (1987)


Who could ever forget a time when vampires were cruising the town on a Volvo?

Just take a look at the crew of Keifer Sutherland and bike lovers would suddenly fall head over heels. Sutherland portrayed David as an ultimate bad-boy and leader of the gang. With their fangs and bad haircut, their showing the town that they are rebels with style.

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Vampire Movies That Are Not For the Faint-Hearted

Vampire movies by itself are already terrifying.

Who would not be scared out of their wits of the idea of a cold-blooded creature sucking the blood out of your life? Just the thought of their pale-white skin and blood-shot eyes would give you chills. Whilst vampire movies in general are scary, there are some who stood out amongst the rest. These are the vampire movies that will give you days of sleepless nights.

Below are some of the most terrifying vampire movies of all time. Be warned though, these movies are not for the faint-hearted.

  1. Let the Right One In (2008)

This 2008 Swedish masterpiece is deeply emotional, intensely gruesome and psychologically terrifying.

The story is about Oskar, an anxious and fragile 12-year-old who is often bullied by his classmates. He was a lonely boy who was always longing for friendship. His wish came true when he met their new neighbor Eli. This serious young girl embodies an air of mystery; her pale complexion is a result of her only coming out at night. Upon Eli’s arrival in the neighborhood, there seem to be a series of murders and inexplicable disappearances. Blood and violence are the common denominator of the film. A subtle romance has developed between Eli and Oskar and she taught him how to fight back against his aggressors.

It may be one of the best horror films, but the romance factor of this film is simply brilliant. It’s a great alternative to Twilight and it introduces many people to the concept of love from another point of view. Amidst the violence and gore in this movie, you’d appreciate the kind of relationship that developed between the two main characters. Nevertheless, the romance can’t hide the fact that you’d still be haunted by the many creepy images this film has shown.

  1. Byzantium


Director Neil Jordan returns to the vampire genre almost 20 years after he made the classic Interview with the Vampire. This interesting spin on the vampire tale revolves around Clara (Gemma Arterton) and Eleanor (Saoirse Ronan), a mother and daughter on the run after leaving behind a string of dead bodies. They end up in an unnamed coastal town where Clara managed to seduce Noel (Daniel Mays), a drip who has recently inherited his deceased mother’s boarding house The Byzantium. Things began to look up for the two; with Clara setting up a brothel while Eleanor starting with college. But there past found its way of catching up to them and this resulted to a bloody climax.

This film offers a fresh perspective to the vampire lore. Here, the characters are not bothered by direct exposure to sunlight. Instead of fangs, they have a pointed thumbnail for piercing through the skin. There is plenty of bloody violence on this film that will satisfy your quench for horror but will keep you on the seat of your edge for the entire film.

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  1. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (2014)

Set in an Iranian ghost-town Bad City, the townspeople are not aware that their place that reeks of loneliness and death is being stalked by a lonesome vampire.

If you’re looking for a vampire film that is astonishingly eerie and creepy, then this movie is perfect for you. The film is stunningly shot with some absolutely gorgeous cinematography with some scenes looking like they came straight out of a painting. The use of black and white in this film intensifies the scary element of the movie. Every time the vampire is on screen, people are on the edge never really knowing what is going to happen.

  1. The Hunger (1983)

This erotic horror film contains a powerhous

e of actors –

Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie, and Susan Sarandon.

Vampire lovers John (David Bowie) and Miriam Blaylock (Catherine Deneuve) survive through time under the Egyptian symbol of Ankh. But when John started an accelerated aging process, they seek the help of specialist Dr. Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon). Sadly, John did not survive and Miriam moved on to Sarah to be her next lover.

This stylish vampire flick is filled with some wonderful visuals. The performances of the actors are simply excellent. If you’re into Goth music and horror films, this cult flick is a must-see. There are plenty of vampire lesbian sex and blood that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Plus, the opening scene with Bauhaus playing “Bela Lugosi is Dead” is remarkable.

This is probably the first vampire movie that explores the join and pain of being a vampire and, most importantly, what it means to be immortal. The movie uses a lot of visual effects and sounds to create a spooky, vampiry atmosphere. It’s not your usual vampire film; this movie is philosophical and beautiful.

  1. Interview with the Vampire (1994)

The story revolves around Louis (Brad Pitt), a bicentennial vampire who was born as an 18th-century lord and now eager to tell his story to a wide-eyed biographer (Christian Slater). He was suffering from depression and suicidal tendencies after the demise of his father. Then he met Lestat (Tom Cruise), a vampire who persuaded him to choose immortality over death and become his companion. Louis resolved to leave his violent maker, but Lestat turned a young girl (Kirsten Dunst) in an effort to guilt him into staying.

The film gave justice to the novel written by Anne Rice. This may cast two of the most good-looking actors in Hollywood, but the movie is filled with violent and bloody scenes. The main themes of the film revolve around death and violence which are depicted with a great deal of graphic violence and gore in nearly every scene. In addition to the human killing and attempted vampire killing via such manners as decapitation, throat-slitting and sunshine, there are also gory scenes when a vampire in desperate need of blood but does not want to kill humans  turns to poodles and rats instead.

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7 Reasons that Explain Why Are We Addicted to Vampires

Vampires have been well-loved for many generations.

From books to TV shows and movies, we just can’t seem to get enough of these cold-blooded creatures. Despite being tremendously scary to the core, we’re drawn to their mesmerizing eyes and mysterious characters. It’s no wonder vampire movies are always a hit in movie theaters.

What could possibly the reason why people are so much engrossed with vampires?

We’ve listed down some of the reasons why vampires are so popular and patronized.

  1. They’re Oozing with Sex Appeal

There’s something about vampires that makes them tremendously sexy.

Vampires are the sexpots of the undead. Zombies are too gory and blood; no one gets turned on with those decaying flesh falling off their bodies. Ghosts, on the other hand, are insubstantial. Which leaves our option with vampires, who are permanently beautiful, young and possess the urge to suck things.

Dracula, the origin of all vampires, is a sophisticated and refined gentleman with a foreign and indefinable magnetism. It’s hard to think of a vampire character that is not sexy. Undoubtedly, vampires are the sexiest undead creatures.

We also identify vampires as sex symbols because of their flair for seducing their human victims. They just simply give you that long and irresistible gaze and you’re completely enchanted. Along with their power and evilness, vampires create a powerful sexual image. They are sexy because they possess most of the traits that we find sexually attractive in a person.

  1. Great Fashion Sense

The ugly truth is, we people are visual creatures. Though they always say real beauty is what’s inside us, we’re always drawn to the beautiful things that we see externally. That is why fashion plays a huge role in our lives. Not only do we want to look good all the time, we also feel an inexplicable gravity towards beautiful things.

Aside from being sexy, vampires always dress well. While zombies charm us with their shabby clothes, vampires are always an epitome of class and elegance. Well it sorts of make sense though, being around for thousand years make them wise and expert in fashion.

You would never catch a vampire on a day where he dresses poorly. They always look sophisticated with their all-black ensemble. You can just spend your whole day watching these lovely creatures on a beautifully cut dress or suit.

  1. They Possess a Fountain of Youth

Who wants to get old?

Almost every one of us wants to preserve our youth. In order to stay and look young, we spend a lot of money on products and procedures that could make us look 10 times younger than our actual age. Aside from staying young, we also want to live a long life. We live in an immensely beautiful world and it would be such a pity to leave this place early.

Despite being a hundred years old, vampires look like they’ve just come out of puberty. Many people are envious of their flawless complexion. And of course, they don’t need to sleep at least 8 hours a day, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water just to have a long life. As long as they have a steady supply of fresh blood, they are here to stay.

  1. Strength

Vampires are known to be emotionally and physically strong creatures. You wouldn’t be able to make it as a vampire if you are a wimp.

Movie screen-goers have witnessed how strong vampires can be. They can easily jump huge heights, throw people across a room and take a human’s life with just a snap. Super-strength is one of the skills that all vampires possess. The level of their strength depends on their age and their diet. Apparently, vampires who consume human blood regularly are way too stronger than those who consume animal blood.

We’re always drawn to strength and power possibly because we want to be rescued. That’s why superhero movies are always popular. Just like our favorite superhero characters, vampires also carry superhuman strength that makes people drawn to their character.

  1. Bad Boy Appeal

We always have a thing for bad boys. Even in real-life dating, many wonderful women are attracted to bad boys who would only do nothing but break their hearts.

Vampires are also a tortured soul, though technically they don’t have a soul. Their “bad boy” appeal is what makes them appealing and interesting. The Twilight series has become a successful franchise thanks to millions of fans who fell in love with the brooding Edward Cullen. His mysterious and bad boy image did not just capture the heart of Bella; it also turned millions of movie-goers into Twilight-obsessed human creatures.

We’re not just drawn to bad boys but we also have this crazy desire of saving them. That’s perhaps why vampires, despite their evil nature, are so interesting. They’re probably one lost soul that we would love to rescue.

  1. Wealth and Possession

Vampires, having lived a hundred years, have accumulated massive wealth and possessions. You’d often see them living in gigantic mansions or immaculately sophisticated homes. When you see them hanging out in their living room, it’s like literally coming out of a “Beautiful Homes” magazine.

Because of their wealth and possession, vampires carry an arrogant attitude that we find surprisingly appealing. Their wealth, compounded with their strength and beauty, makes them creatures that are always envied.

It’s addicting to watch the rich and affluent, regardless if they are vampires or human beings. Just like the Kardashians, watching vampires in their exquisite beautiful homes is a sweet escape from reality.

  1. Fresh Angles

All vampire stories may originate from the basic premise, but script writers manage to find new angles to explore. Their stories are presented in a fresh perspective, adding something new factor that fans may not know of. In the new version of Dracula, the title character is portrayed much more sympathetically than usual, and Van Helsing is working with Dracula.

There are a lot of rooms for exploration in vampire stories. Regardless of how their story is told, they are still one of the most-loved monsters. Read more vampire movie stories here.



10 Most Powerful Vampires in the Twilight Movies

It’s been 10 years since the first Twilight movie was released. Since then, the Twilight series launched a massive pop following. Who could ever forget the long lines of fans just to see their favorite Twilight character?

The last installment, Breaking Dawn, came out in 2012 and the hysteria has faded. As the fans moved on from one vampire movie to another, let’s take a step back at the past and reminisce the sweet moments Twilight brought us.

To honor this huge installment movie, let’s take a look back at the characters that grazed our screens. Below are 10 of the most powerful vampires in Twilight movies, ranked from weakest to strongest.

  1. Demetri

Demetri is one of the most feared members among the Volturi. He’s like the GPS of the vampires. As long as he physically encountered them before, there’s no hiding from this powerful vampire. He can track them using his minds; you may hide all you want but Demetri can certainly locate you even if you hide in the deepest part of the world.

He must be a valued member of the Volturi, they even ended the life of their old tracker just to get Demetri instead. When he’s not needed for tracking, he mostly stays in the background and is usually seen rather than heard.

  1. Kate

Breaking Dawn introduced us to a lot of new vampires when the Cullens had to find a lot of vampires to testify that Renesmee is just a mortal child.

Kate is a member of the Denali coven that Carlisle mentioned in the past installments. Just like the Cullens, Kate is a “vegetarian” and one of the best fighters of the Denali coven sisters. Kate possesses a remarkable emotional and physical strength. You would remember her as one of the strong forces who fought against some of the most senior members of the Volturi just to help the Cullens in protecting Renesmee.

  1. James

James was the main antagonist of Twilight. This sadistic and unusually gifted tracker does not get satisfaction in just tracking his preys. He enjoys the whole process of it; he gets his thrill by playing and manipulating his poor victims.

James latches on to the scent of his target and uses a heightened sixth sense to track not just humans but vampires as well. It’s no wonder that Laurent, another member of James’ coven, calls him the most lethal and gifted tracker he’s ever known.

  1. Victoria

Victoria became the antagonist of both New Moon and Eclipse after her mate James’ life was taken by the Cullens. She was so consumed with her rage that he made destroying Bella a mission as her revenge for the demise of her beloved.

She may not look like that powerful at first glance, but her true power is her self-preservation skills. She always manages to stay alive, regardless if she’s being pursued by an entire family of powerful vampire or an entire pack of strong werewolves.

  1. Alec

One of the highest ranking members of the Volturi, Alec along with his twin sister Jane is two of the main offensive weapons of the clan.

He may look young but he possesses a powerful gift that can take down any vampire regardless of size or other mental abilities. He can make his target completely sensory deprived. To make him even more powerful, his power can affect multiple victims at once.

  1. Jane

Alec’s twin sister, Jane, plays the other half of the Volturi’s offensive plan. Just like his twin brother, Alec has the power to take down any vampire she chooses just by simply staring at them. Vampires who have heard of her are terribly scared of Jane. Aside from being one of the most feared vampires, Jane gets a twisted sort of joy when she tortures her victims.

  1. Edward Cullen

Edward has shown his power since the very first Twilight movie. His most natural power is being able to read minds. While other vampires need to focus or touch their subjects, Edward can easily hear the thoughts of other people around him without these factors. Of course, the exception of this is Bella, which is why Edward was intrigued her.

Aside from his ability to read minds, he also possesses tremendous strength. Both lovebirds James and Victoria ended their lives at the hands of Edward.

  1. Bella Swan Cullen

Bella might have possessed a strong power even when she was human. Edward’s psychic ability does not work on her and Jane’s psychic torture did not work on her either.

This ability turned into a psychic shield when she became a vampire; this shield can even extend over other people with some effort. Anyone within its radius is safe from another vampire’s psychic effects when she’s turning her shield on.

The fact that Twilight movies hold many powerful vampires, their powers become null and void because of Bella’s powers. Her defensive power makes her a vampire that you don’t want to mess with.

  1. Aro

Aro, the leader of the Volturi, is at the number two spot of our list. He is one of the oldest vampires, being around since 1300 BC in Greece. The fact that he managed to stay alive this long is already a living testament of his power.

Aro can also read minds but unlike Edward, he can only hear the current thoughts of his target. But once he touches you, he can have access to every thought you’ve ever had. He uses this power to manipulate his victims and finds way to enhance his powers.

  1. Benjamin

We may only know him in Breaking Dawn but Benjamin has proven that he’s the most powerful vampire introduced in the series.

Benjamin was one of the vampires who bear witness to Renesmee’s mortal existence. He the only known vampire who has the power of manipulating the natural elements: earth, water, air and fire. We witnessed his power in the final battle of the movie when he opened up a rift in the ground so deep it leads to the magma below.

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5 Vampire Movies for the Romantic Viewers

Vampire movies are perfect for those who are looking for love and desire.

Vampires and their bloodthirst have been loved by so many because of their passionate pursuant to something that they love – whether it’s for something bloody and scandalous or strong affection towards someone. You can hardly think of a vampire movie that does not have an element of love, lust and desire on its theme.

Below are some of the most romantic vampire movies of all time that will quench your thirst for romance with an ingredient of horror.

  1. Thirst

This South Korean horror film is one of the most well-received vampire horror films in recent years. It did not come as a surprise when Thirst won the Jury Prize at the 2009 Cannes Festival. This highly entertaining movie is not only a romantic movie but it also alternates between being terrifying, adorable and strange.


A number of people volunteered to test out a vaccine. Unfortunately, the experiment killed the other test subjects except for a kind and generous Catholic priest Sang-hyun (Song Kang-ho). Being a sole survivor of the project, Sang-hyun discovered some changes in him and this includes having new abilities and needs. He gained impressive strength and speed but he also felt an undeniable need for blood.

Sang-hyun reunited with a childhood friend and when he saw the man’s wife, Tae-ju (Kim Ok-bin), he felt a forbidden passion for the overworked young woman with a quirky demeanor.

Sang-hyun and Tae-ju gave in to their illicit passion and this was filled with so many beautifully shot and incredibly sexy scenes. The small moments of sweetness along the way are also equally wonderful. Who can forget the scene when Tae-ju told Sang-hyun, “Vampires are … cuter than I thought.”

  1. Only Lovers Left Alive

While we’re all left wondering if Loki is indeed dead in The Avengers, you can have your Tom Hiddleston fix by watching this 2013 vampire film.

Only Lovers Left Alive stars Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton in a romantic vampire movie that will make you believe in the essence of forever. These two lovebirds have proven that their relationship is strong and could even survive death.


Vampires Adam and Eve have been married for centuries but they were living apart at the beginning of the film – Adam in Detroit while Eve was in Tangier. When Eve realized that Adam was depressed and bored, she immediately came to his rescue and chided him out of his despondency.

Their relationship was not void of challenges. For one thing, there is Eve’s wild sister and then there’s the blood shortage. Despite these bumps though, Adam and Eve were the #vampirerelationshipgoals everyone is envious of: lazily sensual, industrious, talented and together drinking blood at the end.

  1. Underworld

You may have known this movie as a starring role for Kate Beckinsale where she played a butt-kicking vampire fighter in black leather but this movie franchise, especially the first installment, contained a sweet forbidden romance.


Since Selene’s (Beckinsale) family was killed by the lycans, she has fought on the side of vampires against the mangy beasts. But when a human, Michael Corbin (Scott Speedman), became a target of lycans, she began to suspect that there are more truth on the longtime feud between vampires and lycans that she was not told about.

Selene abducted Michael to find out the truth, despite the fact that he was already bitten by a wolf. While he was turning into a werewolf, Selene’s sworn enemy, this hard-core vampire still protected him. She showed everyone that love is a sacrifice; that she was willing to risk the wrath of her own species just to save her werewolf lover.

  1. Twilight

This massive film franchise did not only kick-started the hearts of millions but it also launched a gigantic fan base that even the personal lives of the “Robsten” were obsessed of. Millions of fans were giddy and happy when news broke out that their romance was beyond on-screen. But their heart broke when the two actors had decided to end their relationship. Everyone had a say about their relationship, even Donald Trump.


When Bella (Kristen Stewart) moved to the sunshine-deprived town of Forks, Washington, she met mysterious Edward (Robert Pattinson) and was instantly drawn to him. What she did not know is that Edward belongs to a family of vampire and being a mere mortal, her blood is pretty irresistible for him.

Despite the strong urge to suck her blood, Edward learned to master his thirst and came clean to Bella. She may have been initially shocked when she knew the truth, but their love for each other was stronger and deeper. The movie did not fail to satisfy their young-base fans when it comes to the elements of romance. Everyone felt in love too with their long walks in the woods and when they met each other’s family.

Who would not fall for mysterious bad boy and forbidden romance that Twilight offers?

  1. Let the Right One In

The 2008 Swedish film Let the Right One In is about 12-year-old Oskar (Kåre Hedebrant) who grew up in the 1980s suburbs of Stockholm. Despite being shy and bullied, he befriends a girl who lives next door who is secretly a vampire. This story may be too sweet but it has a shocking violence that could sneak up on you.


Oskar was undeniably smitten to his new friend, Eli. She became attached to Oskar when her caretaker died protecting her. Oskar soon realized that Eli is a vampire, but his love for her was too strong that he did not only accept her but he also helped her acquire fresh blood. The tenderness between the two characters is very touching that you would barely notice the violence when Eli was dismembering one of her steady’s bullies.

Vampire movies give so much depth to love and romance. Spend your Friday night binge-watching these romantic vampire movies.

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The Top 3 Vampire Movies of All Time

There are hundreds of vampire movies that have been produced over the years and the debate will still continue as to which of them the best was and should be on the list of all-time greats. We however have chosen to take a different perspective to this and will list down what we feel are our top 3 vampire movies of all time.

No 1. Nosferatu produced in 1922

If you began your appreciation for horror movies early on then then you have definitely watched Nosferatu which was a silent film produced way back in 1922 and one of the very first movies to depict vampires. The most notable part about this movie was that the use of the vampire was symbolic and only a few people got it at the end. We deliberately chose not to issue any spoilers. Go watch the movie.

No 2. Dracula produced in 1931

Whereas there have been many variations of Dracula, the original 1931 production which by the way was a black and white film still stands out for those who appreciate quality filmmaking. The vampire depicted in this movie though supernatural was not too much of an exaggeration if you understand what we mean but was a very believable creature.    

No. 3 Near Dark produced in 1987

The Near Dark film sought to create a whole new identity for vampires and gave rise to the notion that vampires could exist among humans doing ordinary human things. It’s from this movie’s idea of the vampire that many other ideas were born that inspire other vampire movies.

We consider this our top three pick of all time vampire movies because they were produced at a time when fancy graphics and fancy make up had not been discovered but the movies still went on to attract huge audiences.


Here’s Why Vampire Movies are so Popular

The first vampire film was produced way back in 1896 and since then, numerous other vampire movies have gone on to be produced with each growing to different levels of success. It’s not clear whether vampires actually exist but fanatics of these movies believe that vampire stories are too many to be ignored and since they have been captured throughout history, there must be some truth to them.

In this article, we are going to look at a couple of reasons why vampire movies are so popular.    

1 They give audiences a source of escape

The reality about life is that it can at times be so full of boredom and what people therefore desire is an escape from this boredom. Vampire movies have proven to be a good source of escape because they mostly offer an alternate reality for most viewers. 

2 They have a Halloween connection

Halloween is so big in the West and is an occasion that is driven by the belief in the evil supernatural coming to torment the earth. This is not that much different from what vampires are depicted to be responsible for therefore it adds some credence to the existence of vampires hence the popularity of vampire movies.

3 Many people enjoy horror stories

There are people who are wired to enjoy horror stories riddled with scenes of bloodletting, carnage and other gnarly scenarios. This is the reason why doomsday, horror, and vampire movies among other movies of this nature are usually quite popular.

4 Many people believe in the supernatural

It’s no secret that many people want to understand more about the origin of life and how it came to be and because their questions have remained unanswered by science and religion, they are open to believing in the existence of the supernatural, with vampire movies being a perfect depiction of this belief.

It’s worth mentioning however that there’s another group of people who simply enjoy vampire movies because of a good storyline and really amazing graphics. All in all, vampire movies are popular and this popularity doesn’t seem like it will wane any time soon.


Special Effects Used to Make Vampire Movies Scary

Whereas the debate is still on as to whether vampires actually exist or existed at some point in time, many props should be directed to costume designers, makeup artists and graphic designers on movie sets for the amazing work they do of bringing vampires to life. They surely keep us on the edges of our seats by taking these horror movies to a whole different level.   

We are going to look at some of these special effects that help make vampire movies super scary.

The use of lighting

In a movie set, lighting usually makes a whole lot of difference as it helps set the tone of the movie. Just as with color psychology, the different lighting will bring out different emotions from the viewer and it’s this that the production team will focus on to bring out the desired effect during a specific movie scene. The lighting effects can be darkness or light as well as different color lights to set the tone.

The use of sound

A movie would not be a movie without the right sound effects. From the squeaking of wooden panels, to the sound of wind blowing by, to the screams and the sound of teeth sinking into someone’s neck, all these are what enable the movie audience to get a full experience of the movie. Not to mention the soundtracks that help build tension and create anticipation.   

The use of makeup

Thanks to makeup artistes, vampires come to life in the movies. It’s this amazing group of people that enable us to get an image of what scary vampires would look like, experience how they would feed on their victims and much more. Without makeup artistes, we would not really have much of a functional impression of what vampires actually look like.

When these three special effects are brought together very well, we end up with a production that will leave a lasting impression in our memories. Hence, this is why we love vampire movies.