The 1980s were loaded with vampire movies, from The Hunger (1983) and Once Bitten (1985) to Fright Night (1985) and Near Dark (1987). But only a selected few of these movies have proven to stand the test of time quite like The Lost Boys. The dark teen-vamp film managed to consistently rank as one of the best vampire films of all time and it also became a cult classic.

Starring Jason Patric, Corey Haim, Kiefer Sutherland, Dianne Wiest, Alex Winter, and a few other people, including Jamison Newlander and Corey Feldman as the Frog brothers, this film is a classic vampire piece with all the trimmings. The story revolves around a recently divorced mother and her two sons moved to Santa Carla. While the younger brother, Sam, was busy befriending a couple of seemingly insane comic store assistants, his older brother, Michael, get tangled in with a gang of biker vampires. As Michael began turning into a vampire, Sam, with the help of Frog brothers, did everything they can to save his older brother.

Here are some vampire facts that The Lost Boys have taught us.

  1. They Can Take You All The Way To The Edge

Before even you start making a decision to hang out with vampires, you should know that they are totally extreme creatures. Just like terrorists or energy drinks, they are always on the edge and only live to get radical. There fearless attitude probably comes from the fact that they can’t die. So whether they are riding their dirt bikes through a thick fog or rocking out to a sexy saxophone solo by Tim Cappello, they always go to the extremes and get the best experience out of everything.

If you’re fortunate enough to hang out with a bunch of vampires, after all the shocks and adrenaline, you’d get to realize that it can totally be an enriching experience. After nearly falling off a cliff just to keep up with your vampire friends on dirt bikes, you’d get to appreciate your life and value every moment that you are alive.

  1. Vampires Like to Hang Out Under Bridges

We all have places that we love to hang out to – coffee shops, bars, restaurants, book stores, parks, museum and the likes. Vampires, on the other hand, are different from normal people in so many ways. One of these huge differences is the hang out place. You can hardly see vampires chilling in coffee shops or bars; instead you’d see them under bridges. They find the underside of a suspension bridge ultimately homey. The ones with a freight train passing directly overhead are their favorite. While we normal people find this place outrageously dangerous, vampires get their fill of extreme thrill by dangling over a foggy, bottomless abyss. They love anything that smells death-defying and reckless.

  1. They Can Easily Play With Your Mind

Just like many supernatural creatures, vampires are capable of playing with your mind. They can change your perceptions and mess up with your brain. If you ever become a victim of a vampire’s naughtiness, you may end up doing some crazy things unconsciously. Just like a little puppet in a show, vampires can make you do things according to their biddings.

  1. They Find Pleasure in Killing People

While it’s classy and ritualistic to drink blood of a rhinestone-encrusted 40 oz., it’s pretty boring and takes out the F in F-U-N. Yes, vampires need blood to survive, but they don’t just gulp gallons of blood for the sake of living. They enjoy the whole process of it – starting from hunting their victim to sinking their fangs and draining the blood out of you. And mind you, they can be pretty creative and sadistic in taking down their victim. We may be accustomed to seeing vampires biting their victim’s neck, but The Lost Boys show us how to do it even better. Let’s take a cue from Kiefer Sutherland when he bit through this victim’s skull.

Killing people may be a basic need to survive, but they make sure that they get the most fun out of it.

  1. It’s Quite Easy Becoming One of Them

One of the most common misconceptions about vampire lore is that you have to be bitten by a vampire to turn into one. While a vampire’s bite can certainly turn you into one of them, this is not the only way of becoming a part of their herd. And it does not require you a tremendous amount of effort like climbing Mount Everest or killing a lion with your bare hand. You can turn yourself into a vampire in as easy as drinking a blood out of a rhinestone-encrusted 40 oz. bottle.

Of course, the blood needs to be the head vampire’s blood in a group or “coven”. Simply hang out with the most bad-ass vamp in the group and have a fill of his blood to become one of them.

  1. Vampires DO Cry

We always perceive vampires as aggressive, terrifying and dangerous creatures of the night. What we fail to perceive though that deep down in their layered punk rock costumes lie a little boy who needs affection and care. It may seem astounding to believe but vampires have soft spot too. When they are not busy being assholes and bullies, they can be gentle creatures too. In every brave vampire in a rider bike lays a cared little boy who lost his mommy. Offer to give him some chocolate cake and when he’s not looking, impale him on a wooden stake so that he dies.

  1. They Can Really Do a Number on Your Plumbing

There may be several methods of taking a vampire down, but one that you should never try is dunking them into a bathtub full of garlic and holy water. You can eventually kill them in the end, but the process is excruciating and extremely unpleasant. Vampires will not only emit a bloodcurdling scream but they will also have their blood and flesh shoot out of all of your sinks and pipes. You certainly can’t afford hiring a plumber that can scrape melted vampire out of their pipes.

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