6 Movies That Strayed Too Far From the Vampire Movie Genre

Nosferatu introduced us to a vampire genre and established some specific rules of what vampire should and shouldn’t do. This horror category film strictly followed that vampires have no stakes, no sunlight nor American citizenship. Vampire movies were initially coined as gore and dark-themed films that can scare the life out of you.

As the years go on though, the film has expanded into other genres. As the adaptation of the film varies, we have presented with different form of vampire films that strayed from its original genre. The genre has grown to encompass all types of movies from thriller to romance to comedy and everything in between. We’ve also witnessed different vampire forms. While these genres have expanded vampire fans, some of these films have made the ultimate horror film a cinematic joke.

Below are some of the vampire fans that may have ruined the genre.

  1. Near Dark


This movie may have received general positive reviews and even started cult followers, but it failed to satisfy the true-blue vampire fans. Instead of a pure vampire movie, Near Dark is more of a Western horror movie that is a darker version of Twilight 20 years earlier. Just like the Twilight movie, the plot of this film revolves around teenage love story. It may have tackled lots of traditional vampire legend, the film is a little too far-stretched from the original vampire theme in which they attempted to put bloodsuckers in a Western sort of biker movie. If you’re looking for a pure vampire movie, you would leave the theater unsatisfied and looking for more.

  1. BloodRayne

BloodRayne did not only manage to destroy the vampire movie genre but it also did the same with the video game film genre.

What could possibly go wrong in a film full of talented actors such as Billy Zane, Michael Madsen and Ben Kingsley?  For starters, we should blame Director Uwe Boll for the failure of this movie. It may have been shot in Romania which is known as the legendary home of vampires, but the director poorly squeezed so many genres in one film just to widen his target market. The film lacks authenticity with its terrible writing, poorly choreographed fight scenes and tacky costumes. Every potential audience of different film genre has been alienated by this movie.  And just to add insult to injury, the movie was bad enough that even the actors playing on it themselves were never shy of letting the public and the director know how much the movie sucks.

  1. Queen of the Damned

We’ve all been warned by our parents that rock music is evil. And this movie has yet proven that rock music is a lame way of waking a vampire from years of hibernation. A vampire was not only woken up by ridiculous rock music but to add nonsense to the plot, he even became a lead singer of a rock band. Other vampires became enraged and envious of his newfound fame so they went after him to kill him, but are thwarted by a vampire queen. This may have given us a few laughs if it was a comedy film, but what’s sad is that it’s a serious attempt for a vampire movie. What’s even sadder is that the vampire queen was played by the late Aaliyah and this was her last role before she passed away. We surely don’t want to remember the great artist as the actress who played in a lame movie.

  1. Love at First Bite


From the title itself, you’d know that this movie is nothing but a big joke.

There’s a vampire trying so hard not to vomit in his mouth every time Love at First Bite is played. The Dracula in this movie is played by George Hamilton who after being evicted from his Transylvania castle finds himself in New York City.

This movie may be perfect for a girl sleepover with its slapsticks and puns but not for those who truly respect the real vampire genre. There’s nothing new or noteworthy in the plot or cast, only some chuckles you’d get from jokes after jokes hurled at the audience. If there’s one thing that is successful about this movie, it’s the fact that that there hasn’t been a sequel made despite several attempts.

  1. Underworld


Many fans may seem to love Underworld but it has nothing to do with their affinity to vampires. Thanks to Kate Beckinsale’s smoking hot body, the film series has developed steady followers of fans. Aside from Beckinsale being an eye candy, we can’t deny the fact that the visuals in the film are remarkably striking.

The plot and the acting in the film though were done poorly that they outshine the positives. The film demonstrates the tension between vampires and species of werewolves but it failed to establish a strong division between audience just like how Team Edward and Team Jacob did in Twilight. Action lovers and teenage dudes may probably like this movie but critics and serious vampire fans hate this movie.

  1. Once Bitten



Though Jim Carrey may have done a lot of bad movie, it’s consoling to think that Once Bitten may not be the worst movie that he has done. What’s depressing though is that this may have been the worst vampire movie ever created.

Originally created to be a comedy, the director may have achieved its goal of providing laughs to the audience but it did no justice to the real vampire genre. It only made vampires laughable instead of creepy and mysterious. As expected, the transformation of Jim Carrey from human to vampire was overacted. The most climax that you get from the movie is a sex scene in a coffin and a dance-off in a high school. This might be your go-to movie if you had a bad day and wanted to have a laugh but not if you’re a serious vampire movie lover. And it doesn’t help the fact that the timeline in this movie gets a bit muddled, the premise is slightly confusing and the genre here is more teen sex comedy than vampire flick.

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